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What needs improvement with Visual Studio Team System?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Visual Studio Team System.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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55 Answers

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I have seen customizations with Team System that allowed it to integrate into other ticketing systems like Jira, which would be a really nice feature to see.

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The user experience for the task assignment functionality, and more generally the software lifecycle development, needs to be improved. This includes assigning tasks, as well as reviewing those that are pending or ongoing. For example, Jira has an excellent user experience, and it should be more like that. We would like to see better integration of documentation.

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I would like to see the inclusion of more programming languages, especially better support for Java.

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We are looking forward to the new Blazer system that is coming out soon. It is currently in beta on the service side, so we are looking forward to the new version that will be on the client side too. I also would like to see an improvement in the technical support.

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I would say compared to some more modern tools which are made to work offline, with this solution you have to be connected all of the time and with a central server. In our case, it's not a big problem because we all work on-premises, but it can be an issue if you have teams in different locations. Then you don't have synchronization. I would say it's the main problem - I would love to see a better way to work offline. I think the new version allows you to choose to have different source control. But we use VPN, so we can bypass and still be connected to the company. So it's okay for us and we are on a very small scale, only ten users. So it's easy to manage.

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