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What needs improvement with VMware Identity Manager?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with VMware Identity Manager.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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55 Answers

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I would like to have better support for multi-cloud sessions. The cost of this solution should be lower.

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We have a lot of problems when it comes to integrating with Active Directory. Simply, it is not consistent when you configure it. When I compare this with other solutions, the customization is really limited when it comes to cataloging. Scaling this solution is difficult and it should be easier to do. It would be really great if, in the future, endpoint management was integrated into the Identity Manager dashboard. It would mean that a single dashboard could be used to control all of the features in this space.

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I would like to integrate this solution with VRE and VDI. They can now be installed, but they operate as separate components. Many of the features that exist in Active Directory do not exist in Identity Manager, which means that people depend on Active Directory.

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I think the product could be improved by making it more independent. For now, it's very dependent on an active directory so that you could basically tie into us for A, B or some other IDP that they provide. Another aspect that could be improved in the next release is to have local language support. It's not a big issue because you have their icon soft applications there, but it would be nice to have the Finnish language there as well. Additional features they could include would be integration with Microsoft Windows desktop, which is the VDI for Microsoft. I have heard that they plan to do that so I'm looking forward to getting that in there.

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I would say that VMware has actually met all of our requirements. I don't feel like we presently need to actually have any improvements. It's actually a good fit, especially for our market. The security features could always use improvement, although there has already been a huge improvement from years ago.

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