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What questions should I ask before buying an ESB?

There's a lot of vendor hype about ESB solutions. ESBs are not something you just install it and wait for great things to happen, right?

What questions should someone ask before purchasing an enterprise service bus?

Help your peers ask the right questions so that they'll make the best decision.

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There are two kinds of integration piece ESB & EAI. If your requirement is for basic integration(Web services) then ESB would be helpful. If you have traditional or legacy systems that communicate with legacy protocols and message formats then ESB would be a bit harder to use as you need to develop adapters for those legacy systems by your own. On the other hand EAI is an extension to ESB by vendors and it offers ready made tools and adapters which can ease your integration. But cost is involved there.

2019-09-13 02:46:09 UTC
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For purchasing the ESB, you should ask the few questions below:
1. It should be highly scalable, re-usability and low cost.
2. The related company should provide good support in case of environmental issues.
3. Security should be good in case of inbound and outbound messages.
4. Should be supported by a wide range of protocols and adapters.
5. With the wide adoption of cloud and SaaS applications, integration needs to support on-premise, hybrid, and cloud/SaaS applications.

2019-11-22 11:36:46 UTC
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1. What kind of integration do you need? Does the supplier understand your problem domain? Do you focus on flexibility, on speed of integrating, etc?
2. Are the so called adaptors there which you need? Also the protocols supported you need?
3. How is security enabled?
4. Does it run on own servers, or in cloud?
5. How complex is the development cycle, and the management of versions of processes and interfaces? Error management?
6. Pricing including stages you may need, amount of licences you need for larger Environments,... till long term costs
7. What kind of infrastructure is needed?
8. Is federation of ESBs important for you, if so, how is it supported?
9. Who will do the implementation and the operative management of the ESB?
10. Performance?
11. Config Management?
12. Vendor support - how fast, how expensive?

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