What's your experience or opinion about Spotfire vs. Tableau vs. Qlik?


Has anyone done a comparison of capabilities among Tibco Spotfire, Tableau and Qlik?

If so, what did you learn? What's your opinion about these solutions?

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If you want real world proof. Have a bake off or POC with a real world set of criteria: 4 or more data sources, 100M or more records and mobile, etc. You'll be glad that you did!

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I kinda agree with the below assessment with the following additions:
Graphics: Qliksense: Good, Tableau Excellent
Ease of use: QlikSense: Good, Tableau: Good

Hope this helps!

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1.)Implementation Speed-- High (Qlikview) Good (Tableau)
2.)Scalability-- Limited by RAM (Qlikview) Very Good (Tableau)
3.)Drill Down-- Excellent(Associative Search) (Qlikview) Good (Tableau)
4.)Dashboard Support-- Good (Qlikview) Excellent (Tableau)
5.)Big Data Support-- Good (Qlikview) Above Average (Tableau)

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Thank you, Everyone. All of your point are valid and well taken.
Greatly appreciate your time and insight!

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We thought Tibco's Spotfire was the best of the three BI tools you've asked about in terms of:

1) its end user experience,
2) their engineering receptivity to questions and suggestions, and
3) its' overall functionality for the money.

As previously mentioned by another reviewer, scale (in terms of the size of your company/IT department/budget) and leadership buy-in are critical factors to consider in making such a decision. In other words, you can't/shouldn't buy what you can't afford, ... and if your company's leaders aren't interested/won't listen once you stand up whatever BI.data visualization solution you choose, what's the point?

With those considerations in mind, it may be best to clarify that our company wasn't willing to settle for the functionality that such traditional BI vendors as those three had to offer.

Here's why ...

To suggest that any of those three business intelligence tools actually accomplishes true 'data visualization,' or even more interestingly its most intriguing cousin, data animation (a la Edward Tufte and Hans Rosling) would be a real stretch.



Alternatively, we would highly recommend Information Builders' (IBI's) solution, and especially the newly emerging data visualization/animation functionality that is being offered by IBI through their new and improved InfoDiscovery tool this Spring (2015).

Watch out for it :)

We believe that IBI's solution is head and shoulders above those three other BI tools, as well as all of the other myriad of BI tools we evaluated in terms of:

1) end user experience/intuitiveness of design and handling,
2) drag and drop capabilities, and in essence
3) cutting IT out of the BI hand holding/red headed step child syndrome that has plagued the IT industry for far too long.

We were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to preview what the IBI engineers have been able to accomplish in this regard so far, and quite honestly, they knocked our socks off!

In our collective opinion, IBI's solution is the most complete BI tool out there (especially relative to its' data visualization/animation functionality) as far as we have seen.

And the kicker is:

1) they listened intently to our request for this sort of data visualization/animation functionality (voice of the customer),
2) brought their programming whizzes to meet with us to best understand what we were after,
3) engaged the leadership of their company in our ideas and recommendations,
4) met with us periodically along the way to keep us abreast of their progress,
5) built the program to in fact achieve that vision as we had requested,
6) asked for and received our input recently to make the prototype even better prior to launch, and
7) are in the process of demo'ing it now yet further to other IBI super-users to both show it off and to secure yet further improvement ideas.

That's what makes IBI the sort of IT business partner/company we truly enjoy and appreciate doing business with!

John Becker
Chief Governance Officer
Phenix Energy Group

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Love the site. We are doing a comparison with the same data set at the moment will give you my personal feedback once completed.


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This is a great question!

I am not confident enough of answering it though I will be much interested to read if someone else manage to complete such a review.


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This is not a trivial question for anyone to tackle openly and objectively

I would respond to the person requesting a free Gartner report on DV leaders with the following questions:

· Is your firm committed to selecting one of these vendors?

· Is the question based on 2 or 4 developer's licenses or an enterprise system?

· Would this be a tactical decision or strategic?

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Each product serves the purpose of aggregating data and providing visual display of the data depending on the enhancements configured for data visualization (i.e. geospatial map viewer). Tableau is the less costly and easy to use like Qlik of the three products with Spotfire being the most costly and complicated to configure and generally used by companies with larger IT budgets. There is a report comparing these BI products. https://apandre.wordpress.com/tools/comparison/

Carolyn French

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I recommend a serious look at SiSense before making a final decision.

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Hi Michael,
Qlik and Tableau at least have a lot of information available regarding their architecture; I´m not so sure about the other two.
Here is a third party report, made before Qlik Sense hit the market: http://butleranalytics.com/enterprise-bi-platforms-compared/
Happy analyzing!

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Michael, all are great products but really depends on what are you trying to achieve.

I work at a company called DataRPM which gives you the ease of use, flexibility and the dynamic capability to mash up data from multiple sources using our smart data modeling. Also we offer natural language search for you and your business users to get the required visualizations without having to rely on experts or know how to write code above and beyond the traditional drag and drop UI.

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Thank you, Ed and Evan. I am in the process of analysis of Qlik, Tableau, Power BI and Tibco Spotfire, to formulate an architectural recommendation. I will review your materials.
Kind regards,


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Hi Michael - good question!

As I represent a vendor I can't provide an opinion.

However below is a useful demonstration which discusses some of the challenges of visualization software you should consider.

For additional tools to evaluate in-memory technology and self-service solutions you might find this valuable:

Good luck,

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My own experience has been that Qlik sense is faster than Tableau. Having said that, Tableau might be a tad more user friendly. Both are amazing.

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Each of these DV providers have a strong offering but subltle differentiators:
Tableau is your general purpose BI tool-great visuals and user friendly UI. Spotfire is geared more towards the data scientist and incorporates more statistical analysis functions. Qlik excels at reporting and their data association model.
Excuse the shameless self-promotion but If you are interested in unique capabilities like connecting to real time streaming data sources and/or semi/un structured data for more sophisticated analysis, I’d recommend also taking a look at Datawatch.

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