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When evaluating Disk Based Backup Systems, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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I recently produced few lines to this question as it sometime overlooked during a disk based backup solutions purchase phases. http://www.driftec.co.uk/

As the choice of our disk backup solutions strongly rely on the below key factors.

1. Backup and recovery performance optimisation.
• The Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
• Determine the backup Window.
• Plan backup type (full, incremental and logs backup).
• Determine the data growth rate.
• Define the retention policy

2. Hardware component
• Storage capacity
• Internal buses
• Memory

Although the above are true, I believe the choice of disk backup technology today is more importantly down to how the appliance is handling the deduplication process as this can affect your DR plan.

the two leading deduplication technologies are inline and disk-based deduplication.

While inline deduplication is processed before the data reaching disks and will require more processing resources but is faster across WAN replication from one DR site to another.

Disks based deduplication instead will not require the same amount of processing resources and will back/and restore faster.

The two technologies mentioned above can affect your backup window and set wrong RTO expectation.

To complete your purchase decision, you should also consider your solution cost, implementation and your rate of data growth for future scale-out.

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