2015-10-27 12:44:55 UTC

When evaluating Learning Management Systems, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?

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One important aspect of a Learning Management System is if it is designed to encourage and motivate the user in completing the course and to enrol in other courses even if it is not a required course. The design of system should inspire and motivate. Some measures of effectiveness may be the increasing number of users enrolling in the various courses and increasing number of users passing the course aside from positive feedback.

2018-11-23 15:55:47 UTC23 November 18
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support of multiple file types

2017-09-12 16:47:08 UTC12 September 17

My clients have very limited bandwidth and the biggest problem I encounter is latency and the requirement to install any add-on's in order to run the solution. I need a solution that has a very low bandwidth requirement and does not require any add-on's/downloads to run the solution. Many of my clients in non-North American markets do not have high-speed internet access. Security teams at financial institutions do not allow down loads of any kind.

2016-03-24 15:09:00 UTC24 March 16
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