When evaluating Performance Testing Tools, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?


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1. Ease to use
2. Compatibility with different types of technologies and application
3. Compatibility with Monitoring System

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Shlomi NissimReal User

Ease of use. Comprehensive feature set to cover various technologies and use cases. API. Reliability. Technical support

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1. Compatibility with a wide breadth of technologies
2. Powerful analytics
3. Ease of use, both in script creation and test execution
4. Scalability, move quickly between 1 and a million virtual users, provisioned on premise and in the cloud.

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Kapil RyaliConsultant

Simple algorithm -
1- Can an open source be effective in your situation
2- If yes do a POC and proceed ( Most open source tools are often as effective as LR)
3-If POC is successful shortlist it . You can always monitor App/ DB servers with products such as dynatrace
4-Does enough expertise for this tool exists in your firm ? if no can you train and ramp up the Perf team within the Project start dates
5- Always have at least one experienced Performance testing guy in the team who can quickly adapt to the new tool and guide the team
5- If yes recommend the tool to the client and form a team
6-Happy Performance testing
7- If answer to the 1st step is no then LR/NeoLoad/Silkperformer can be considered and the above steps repeated for commercial tools

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Compatibility, Ease of Use, Accessibility.

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Total cost of ownership, coupled with technology coverage

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Sudha GargReal UserTOP 20

I look at the time refreshing the screens
Changing from one screen to another
How long it took to run the test cases etc

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Kaushik SahaReal User

1. Ease to use
2. Compatibility with different types of technologies and application
3. Technical support
4. ROI

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One of the most important thing about performance test tool is scalability. Because, to be able to figure out bottleneck points; ramping up number of users become most prefarable approach. Secondly, reporting is very important. Well-defined and customizable reporting mechanism is essential. Then, integration with monitoring tools support infrastructure team involvement and analysis of result. Browser independent Record & play options with enriched custom code capability and network simulation become critical selection criteria for performance test tools.

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1. Reliability of Result
2. Stability of Performance Testing Tool
3. Compatibility with Monitoring Systems
4. Easy to use
5. Technical Support

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Krunal ModiConsultant

The first thing to consider is the technical stability of performance testing tool. Stability gives the flexibility for users. They can work with less technical issues and more productive work. Secondly, the ease of use of tool should be taken into account. Some tools may require user to have prior knowledge/experience of coding. List of features available is also the important aspect while choosing the optimum performance testing tool. Last but not the least, the technical support should be taken into consideration. If the support is sound then we can overcome many problematic situations.

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