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Which do you recommend, Dynatrace or New Relic APM?


One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Dynatrace vs New Relic APM.

One user says about Dynatrace, "Dashboards are one reason, and troubleshooting is another. I come from the monitoring perspective, so the ability to triage quickly is important. What I like about the product is its ability to alert and tell people where a problem is."

Another user says about New Relic APM, "It reveals where our code is insufficient or needs to be refactored, which is great. The most important thing is it tells us where the latency in the throughput and response times are."

In your experience, which is better and why?

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New Relic was very easy to both deploy and configure.

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Dynatrace is the best of the best when it comes to APM solutions. Here’s why:

Dynatrace uses a single agent for everything which results in fast deployment.
Dynatrace offers a fully on prem solution for organizations needing tight security.
Dynatrace does a deep dive into the code running an application, and can isolate an application issue to the line of code causing it.
Dynatrace has AI built in and learns what is or is not normal behavior so you only get alerts that are meaningful.
The Dynatrace dashboards are awesome out of the box, and they can be customized to provide specific views for the same information. This is useful for an executive looking at the data one way and the programmer looking at the same data from a different view.
Dynatrace can also look at the network traffic flowing between servers to provide a true end-to-end solution.
This is just six of the areas where Dynatrace outshines the rest.
My opinions come from having worked with New Relic, AppDynamics, CA’s APM and Dynatrace. I have been using Dynatrace for four years.

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Actually APM market in Korea, there is very few reference sites of New Relic in Korea.
I don't know Dynatrace/Ruxit client in Korea.
Only I know Dynatrace AppMon has a reasonable number of customer in Korea.
I'm working business for APPDYNAMICS, but the current market still require core
APM itself instead of Cloud, Hybrid, multi Servers and Business Analytic, etc.

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Both solutions from the same weight category. You should clarify details about your application (language, async call ()yes/now), microservices (yes/no) and etc) and which problems do you want to solve.
You should know one important constraint - NewRelic provide only SaaS service. As of other differencies it's about the same.

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Dynatrace is good. I have extensive experience in that.

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I have seen Dynatrace as more effective in RCA and dashboards. I have not yet explored “New Relic APM”.

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I have experience only on Dynatrace and find it fulfilling both the above objectives.

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I only have experience with Dynatrace but not New Relic but find it a great product.

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