Which HPE server is better - Apollo 4200 Gen10 or ProLiant DL360 Gen10?

I'm an assistant manager at a mid-sized tech services company. I am researching HPE rack servers. Which do you recommend - Apollo 4200 Gen10 or ProLiant DL360 Gen10?

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It depends on your purpose. Apollo 4200 is usually used for Backup data, Software defined storage or Big data. And for others that doesn't require disk density, we should use DL360 for cost saving.

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What services do you want to serve on your servers?
It's very dependent on your answer, is it maximum ten disks Ok for you (DL360) or you want more? Do you need many PCIe slots?

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It depends on what you actually need to do. Apollo servers are designed for significantly more disk density. If these are hypervisor hosts, the DL360s will generally be more useful. If these are standalone servers running single applications that require a lot of storage (for example, a Veeam backup server), the Apollo servers would be better.