2014-06-12 11:42:00 UTC

Which Identity and Access Management solution do you use?

How does it compare to similar solutions? What are some of the main factors to consider when choosing a solution?

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Hi Ariel,

Thanks for your question.

To begin with, I used Forgrock’s OpenAM to replace OpenSSO for obvious reasons – Oracle decided to put OpenSSO in maintenance mode. I also used Forgerock’s products (with significant customization though) to replace Sun IM/AM. Oracle has a complete suite of best-in-class IAM capabilities but the subscription costs were high and the support for customization is minimal.

I also take into the account that the maturity and support of Forgerock’s products are still evolving. There are several other criteria that I generally consider for evaluation though.

I used Forgerock’s products for the below reasons:

• Provides a simple upgrade from Sun OpenSSO to OpenAM and ForgeRock OpenIDM runs seamlessly with the Sun Identity Connector Framework
• Unified Platform
• Lightweight Infrastructure
• Connected Security
• Developer-friendly AM solution

• Forgerock’s products are open source – it is one of the key differentiators.
• Generally configurable straight out of the box. OpenAM comes with a wide variety of built-in custom Authentication modules. And has ability to plug-in to the existing authentication modules.


2014-06-17 22:21:12 UTC
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Hi Sam,

I'd be interested to hear why you chose ForgeRock. What have you found to be it's most valuable features?

2014-06-15 08:42:20 UTC
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I am a Solution Architect and generally work with ForgeRock's IAM
solutions, Idaptive's IDAM suite and custom solutions using IdP, CAS,
Shibboleth, Terracotta.


2014-06-13 02:20:12 UTC
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Tough question. Really depends upon requirements such as is it internal and/ or remote access required, integration with partners, multi-platform support and integration, SDK availability for Applications, etc. If its a corporate wide requirement and covers all the above than Oracle Identity suite would be a good one to look at. If your a large MS shop then probably sticking with their I&AM solutions would be best.

2014-06-12 14:01:52 UTC
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