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Which is better in terms of intuitive user-interface, functions and value for money: Miro or Lucidspark?



We're looking at Miro vs. Lucidspark for non-profit use with over 100 preferable users in the organization. 

Which is better in terms of an intuitive user interface, functions and value for money?

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I've been working very well with Miro, it offers a non-experience required user experience.  Lucidspark it's good but when I try it the feeling was that I was using Lucichart with extras, no more, so I would rather choose Miro.  Currently, I'm also experiencing Mural (mural.co), which has some tools for training facilitators that sum, but to work with my remote team I still prefer Miro.

author avatarPaul Saludar

@CARLOS BASULTO Thank you for the insight. Miro it is.

author avatarAriful Mondal (Wipro Ltd)
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@CARLOS BASULTO - I have similar experience. Working on both Miro and Mural. I found Miro is more user friendly.