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Which is better - Jira or Microsoft Azure DevOps?


How would you decide between the two?

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Had made a comparison some time back, Hope this will clarify which fits the requirement.

Azure DevOps Jira
1 It is a tool provided by Microsoft to implement the DevOps lifecycle in business. It is a tool that provides project management for software development.
2 It provides a platform for modern services to collaborate better for software development. It provides an Agile way of software development and collaborates with teams to develop.
3 Azure DevOps does not have search capabilities like Jira. Jira provides advanced search capabilities for issues in code.
4 Traceability in the software development lifecycle is possible from one start to another way. Traceability is not direct in this tool and does not provide visibility on which group is completed.
5 It can easily integrate with Git for better versioning of code. It is integrated with BitBucket for the versioning of code.
6 It provides a dashboard in which projects can be managed. It provides Kanban and Scrum boards.
7 It does not have built-in roadmaps to track progress. It has built-in roadmaps to track progress.
8 It does not have such capability. It has Comprehensive agile reporting which makes teams accessible to dozens of reports.
9 Azure DevOps is an enterprise-ready tool. Jira is an enterprise-ready Agile tool.

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What supports most business success entirely, sustainably? The best differentiated thus module-wise dedicated but integrated model consisting out of business process aids, configurable. 

This is Azure with O365, Power-Apps, SharePoint, etc. BUT no chance, no benefit without effort scaled according to business dimensions, targets, profit.

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