2015-08-28 12:15:00 UTC

Which one is best for ETL - Pentaho or Jaspersoft?

I need to design reports using Jaspersoft iReport. Is it better to use Pentaho or Jaspersoft in order to clean the data first?

Thanks for your help.

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I personally use Talend for Data Integration and ETL on a daily basis. It is versatile and Jaspersoft uses it in their 3rd-party product for ETL called JaspersoftETL.

There are free versions of Talend products, called "Open Studio," as well as Enterprise versions. Talend Open Studio is their ETL tool and Talend Data Quality is their cleansing data product. What is really nice about the Open Studio products are the many data connecting components and the ease of use in doing data integration.


Hope this helps.

Thank you,
Christopher Hafer

2015-09-15 13:18:05 UTC15 September 15
ConsultantTOP 10


As already mentioned by others Jaspersoft uses a version of Talend and call it Jaspersoft ETL. The version is an older version normally than is available from Talend itself. I would suggest using the latest version of Talend itself.

There are two versions, TOS (Talend Open Studio) and the Commercial versions.

TOS is free and also in different versions like DI (Data Integration) and MDM (Meta Data Management). The last one includes the possibilities of DI (ETL) but also Data Profiling where you can monitor the quality of your data.

Talend has several versions and the Commercial versions have as benefit the integration and sharing between the versions and also scheduling and monitoring of jobs included which is real neat.

So for starting the best is to take TOS MDM get to know it and how to use it. If you are going for real professional use in production I would suggest to take the commercial versions because it save you a lot on management and development on scheduling and monitoring of jobs.

I am currently working with TOS MDM, and also have worked with TOS DI in combination with Jaspersoft Server, because we already have the management and monitoring arranged in another way and is out of my scope.

Kind regards,

2015-09-16 08:23:15 UTC16 September 15

Jaspersoft is having tieup with talend. With jaspersoft commercial version they provide talend. Hence if you plan to use jaspersoft it would be more recommended to use talend rather than kettle.

2015-09-15 13:27:28 UTC15 September 15
Real User

I have limited knowledge of Jaspersoft, from my research it is primarily a visualization tool and it does not have the back end cleansing capabilities that Pentaho offers. If you need to clean up your data, I think Pentaho is the better of these options.

2015-09-15 11:58:42 UTC15 September 15
ConsultantTOP 10

I've used all tools that other persons have spoken above, but if you really want an integrated open source tool, you have to use pentaho. Infact with it you can:
- read data
- clean data
- present it, in olap analisys or flat mode
so without try to integrate different software (talend, jasper and so on) you can choose a already integrated platform with 0 integration cost

2015-09-21 21:17:23 UTC21 September 15
Real User

In general, Jaspersoft has more of a focus on reporting and analysis and Pentaho is much better at data integration, ETL and workflow. My experience with Jaspersoft is that it uses Talend whereas Pentaho uses Pentaho Data Integrator (Kettle). Kettle was developed by Pentaho. Jaspersoft uses Talend Open Studio but has some missing functionality.

2015-09-17 17:22:40 UTC17 September 15

Pentaho definitely offers stronger data cleansing \ preparation when compared to Jaspersoft, but then you've got the frustration of having to get both Pentaho and Jasper iReport to speak the same language every time you add an additional dataset. Neither of these possibilities is a good solution for really messy data.

Are you limited only to those two tools? I have had some good experience with Sisense's cube features for data preparation, and then you have all the visualization and dashboard features in the same platform. Otherwise I would look into DW as suggested by others.

2015-09-17 12:13:42 UTC17 September 15

Both JasperETL and Pentaho Kettle can help you clean and prepare your data for reporting. Since you plan on using Jaspersoft for creating the reports you'd be better off using JasperETL. Two reasons for that; if later on you decide to upgrade to a commercial version of Jaspersoft you'd simply import the ETL jobs into the enterprise edition and take advantage of the additional features. Additionally there are plug-ins for JasperETL that can be helpful for reporting. One last tip: try Jaspersoft Studio it has replaced iReport with a lot more functionality while backwards compatible with iReport created jrxmls.

2015-09-16 15:09:27 UTC16 September 15

according to my view Pentaho is good for data integration or etl

2015-09-16 11:41:08 UTC16 September 15
Real User

Dear Ariel,


We had not used Jaspersoft or Pentaho before. However based on brief reading on Gartner BI magic quadrant report, it sounds like Pentaho could better.

Again it is much dependent on which part of the data needs to be cleaned (e.g. misspelling of name vs. dates), and the nature of data cleaning process (names formatting vs date formatting) needs to be done.

Alternatively your colleague can also try QlikView, which has basic ETL functionalities and QlikView is a magic quadrant leader.

A perpetually free QlikView personal edition for desktop license can be downloaded and used from http://www.qlik.com/us/explore/products/free-download?ga-link=hero

Warm regards,

Teoh Sin Hin

2015-09-16 05:54:43 UTC16 September 15
Real UserTOP 20

I recommend to use Talend Open Studio as it is tied up with Jaspersoft.

2015-09-16 05:45:16 UTC16 September 15
Real User

I have not used Jaspersoft to comment on it.

Pentaho Kettle is a good ETL tool and open source too. Learning curve is
small and has a GUI IDE. Kettle is written in Java.

At a generic level, for ETL selection
a. What is the volume of data?
b. Complexity of the transformation needed?
c. Performance of the overall system
d. Format of data (Pentaho Kettle is good to support all the 4 pretty

Hope this helps.

Good luck


2015-09-16 04:19:43 UTC16 September 15
Real User

Hi there,

I have no experience on Jaspersoft, but with Pentaho Spoon I can have my job done. With a couple of hours learning, I can start to author my own transformation. If your job is staight-forward and relatively simple, you can definitely use Pentaho. I am not sure about more complex jobs. FYI.


2015-09-16 00:57:07 UTC16 September 15

The data cleansing capability of the two products is very comparable. But it really depends on the volume of data and the time allowed to clean and load the data.. I would not suggest either product for large data volumes

2015-09-16 00:13:11 UTC16 September 15
ConsultantTOP 10

It is better to use Pentaho for unstructured big data ETLs but both tool should be sufficient for data cleanup.

2015-09-15 19:59:30 UTC15 September 15
Real User

Neither really specialize in data cleansing. Data cleansing is as much a process as it is a technology. Depending on the size of your dataset, Excel can be a powerful tool in the identification of the "unclean" data. From there you will want to set up a process around making sure your data either conforms to your cleanliness standard from the source (fix it before it is a problem) or make filtering out unclean data part of an ETL process that is invoked on it's way to your reports.
I would venture that Pentaho (Kettle) would have a more mature set of tools that could assist you in your quest. Either way, you will need a detailed understanding of your source data.

2015-09-15 18:46:48 UTC15 September 15

My vote goes to Jaspersoft. Here are my thoughts.

Community support is more in Jaspersoft as compared to Pentaho. Also, the
community members are more active of Jaspersoft community, hence if you are
using CE, the chances of problem resolution is much more.

Jaspesoft uses R. R is more advanced and more capable in Predictive

Jaspersoft scores higher than Pentaho in Mobile BI compatibility. They have
BI for iOS, Android platforms. Functionality wise and user interface wise
Jaspersoft mobile BI is better. They even have an opensouce Apple iphone
application. Pentaho users have to often rely on third party tools to
enhance mobile BI experience.

Summarizing Jasper has a heavy focus on reporting and analysis. It has a
better web 2.0 user interface than Pentaho and is generally easier to use.
It benefits from better marketing, informational web sites, and
documentation. Overall, it makes researching and finding what users need
easier than Pentaho. Whereas Pentaho focuses on data integration, ETL, and
workflow automation. It has a user interface that is more difficult for
business users than is Jasper’s.

Hope this helps.

For any additional information, revert to me please.


2015-09-15 18:36:50 UTC15 September 15
Real User


For cleaning the data the ETL of pentaho works like a charm, this is the better way to go.

As we are using Pentaho (community edition) for ETL jobs, we used this also for building reports.

Jasper reports is easier to integrate in an other software from a developpers point, But the pentaho report it self

are OK and easy to use.


Eric Smets

2015-09-15 18:03:57 UTC15 September 15
Real UserTOP 20

Pentaho is going to be much better for ETL especially if dealing with any sort of big data. Their Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) tool is solid. They also have a reporting tool.

2015-09-15 16:51:36 UTC15 September 15

I don't use any of them. I use Microsoft SSIS. Regards

2015-09-15 16:06:09 UTC15 September 15
Real User

If it's just a matter of cleaning up data to output (regardless of the
reporting system), then it mainly depends on whether you are comparing the
community version or subscription version. I think Pentaho is stronger in
the community version while Jaspersoft is stronger is the subscription

Since you are looking to design reports using iReport (Jaspersoft), I would
lean towards using Jaspersoft to clean the data. The outputs of the cleanup
process will line up nicely with the inputs for iReport.

Ben Inkster

2015-09-15 15:15:11 UTC15 September 15
ConsultantTOP 20

Only have background in Pentaho usage so can’t speak to how easy Jaspersoft is to use, however, I have to say Pentaho DI is excellent and is one of the most straightforward ETL tools I’ve seen in 15 years of working in BI. It is an extremely user friendly interface and has an impressive and passionate user community who can help you if you get stuck, as well as excellent documentation on how to do things. I’d thoroughly recommend using Pentaho DI

Gareth P Crawshaw | BIS Technical Analyst | Equifax UK

2015-09-15 14:36:29 UTC15 September 15

You report design and generation tools are not generally ideally
suited for ETL purpose. Depending on the complexity of data and
volume, you can choose one of the leading ETL tools in the market.
There are some Open Source system based ETL tools are also available.
Please check it under Eclipse platform. Otherwise I would recommend
one of these tools: Informatica MDM / Power Center, MS SQL Data
Extractor, SAP Data Integrator or Oracle Warehouse Builder. You may
also choose to write your own script and PL/SQL if the cleansing does
not have much challenges and straightforward.

2015-09-15 14:27:20 UTC15 September 15

Here you go..

Jaspersoft has moved on now and the latest version of iReport is called
Jaspersoft Studio, an IDE based on Eclipse. Jaspersoft ETL is not a bolt-on
ETL tool likes Pentaho's, it is an OEM of the Talend Data Integration
Product. Talend is an all-encompassing ETL tool which not only allows you
to bring data from virtually anywhere (including Google Analytics,
Salesforce, SAP etc) but the intuitive workflow designer makes it easy to
get up and running. The deployment of completed workflows can only be
described as a breeze and its worth downloading and having a play ..
"Seeing is Believing".

Pentaho, on the other hand, primarily (I think) is a BI Company and
therefore as a consequence its ETL tool does not stack up to the Jaspersoft
Offering. But like all these things the proof is in the pudding ..

I hope that helps!


2015-09-15 14:05:39 UTC15 September 15
Real User

Ideally, you use an ETL tool like Talend or SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), because they are specialized tools for data processing. But between the two tools mentioned, the Pentaho is simpler than the Jaspersoft.

2015-09-15 13:55:55 UTC15 September 15
Real UserTOP 20

Hello Ariel!
Sorry. Not familiar enough with those tools.
Have a nice day!

On 15/09/15 06:46, Ariel Lindenfeld - Community Manager at IT Central

2015-09-15 13:42:51 UTC15 September 15
Real User

JasperSoft unlike Pentaho does not have its own ETL tool. It bundles Talend
As for Talend vs Pentaho ETL (Kettle), Kettle is more intuitive (easier to
start), but less feature-rich. Kettle is better integrated with Pentaho
than Talend with JasperSoft.
One can find a lot of comparisons like this:

2015-09-15 13:38:29 UTC15 September 15
ConsultantTOP 20

Dear Sir,

You can use Crystal Reports for Java. It have reach UI and more options as Drill Down, Hyperlink etc.


2015-09-15 13:18:03 UTC15 September 15
ConsultantTOP 10

Pentaho is good
It open source but it needs trining
Kind Regards
Dr. Saudi A. Baset
IT Advisor
Tel +2010-1621778


2015-09-15 13:17:24 UTC15 September 15
Real UserTOP 10

I had used Talend and is quite easy to learn and to make complex process with files or data, Even Big Data. if you wanna start to develop I recommened Talend because learning curve. it´s faster to understand.

2015-09-15 13:13:22 UTC15 September 15
Real User

Actually we have been using Pentaho ETL and we are quite satisfied with this. We wouldn’t have the minimum hesitation to use in even in complex projects.
As per Jasper, even if we are aware of it we haven’t used it yet; however, if the front end is from Jasper as well, I would consider using it first.
I hope I as kind of helpful.

2015-09-15 13:10:55 UTC15 September 15
Real User

I have never worked with nor seen Pentaho, but Jaspersoft is for embedding analytics/reports within applications predominantly in a Java application framework. I don't believe it has any "clean the data first" capabilities, which is more of a data quality/ETL requirement.

2015-09-15 13:00:24 UTC15 September 15
Real User

I would rather use Pentaho, but I may be biased because I have been using
it for such a long time now.

2015-09-15 12:56:18 UTC15 September 15

If i would start a new Integration/ETL project today with an open source tool, I will use Talend DI, for sure.

2015-09-15 12:54:41 UTC15 September 15
Real User

Jaspersoft is strict reporting tool, has no ETL capability. Pentaho has some ETL capabilities, but out of my experience I Will always use Talend DI.

2015-09-15 12:48:51 UTC15 September 15

Like Bruce said, Jaspersoft is a visualization tool, I does not apply for cleasing and transformation. If your need is to clean and transform your data first and you need an open source solution, two ETL tools there are very used are Talend and Pentaho, in my experience I recommend you the first one.

2015-09-15 12:40:12 UTC15 September 15
Real UserTOP 10

use Jaspersoft , easy integration and reporting is also easy.if you are going for datawarehouse and needs faster execution go for Netezza DB , ETL Data stage / Informatica(MDM serves your purpose of data cleaning, clensing). for reporting can use MSTR/Cognos/Tableau.SSRS/SSIS also serves your purpose.

2015-09-15 12:39:31 UTC15 September 15
Real User

I would prefer Jaspersoft over pentaho for reporting.

I prefer pentaho over jaspersoft for creating dashboards..

Both the tools are community not enterprise.


2015-09-15 12:27:48 UTC15 September 15
Real User

Makes no difference really from a design and report point of view.

They both are created from the Kettle codebase however Pentaho with its
latest release is revamping its data ingestion solutions so its ahead of
the curve against Jasper ETL.

If you already paid for the full Jasper licences then its a no brainer to
use Jasper toolkit.


2015-09-15 12:19:38 UTC15 September 15

Pentaho. Performance wise and adaptability to existing architecture. Datacleaning is easy

2015-09-15 12:15:07 UTC15 September 15

Hello Ariel,

Pentaho is a more complete suite.

2015-09-15 12:08:24 UTC15 September 15
Real User


using Pentaho Spoon for ETL, easy to use with a lot of features for clean
and transform your data from source to target.


Yusuf Fachruddin

2015-09-15 12:06:06 UTC15 September 15
Real User

I've used Talend ETL in the past (Which is what's included in Jaspersoft
package as an ETL tool). Attempted pentaho in the past but for a few
reasons it didn't work out. Talend is buggy at times but handles small to
medium volumes well.

2015-09-15 12:02:13 UTC15 September 15

Pentaho has more data integration and analytics options, however it also depends what budget you have for your task in hand.


Haroon Sarfraz Janjua

Project Manager

2015-09-15 11:57:15 UTC15 September 15


For ETL, I would suggest using Pentaho as it does have some advantages over Jaspersoft.


Mohammad Aamer

BI Functional Consultant

2015-09-15 11:48:14 UTC15 September 15
Real User


For cleaning the data the ETL of pentaho works like a charm, this is the
better way to go.

As we are using Pentaho (community edition) for ETL jobs, we used this also
for building reports.

Jasper reports is easier to integrate in an other software from a
developpers point, But the pentaho report it self

are OK and easy to use.


Eric Smets

2015-09-15 11:42:16 UTC15 September 15
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