Which platform do you prefer: Azure or AWS?

Between AWS and Azure, what is your platform of choice? What makes it your preferred platform?

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From my understanding both platforms provide reliable storage  services. AWS has services like  EBS, Glacier and AWS S3 while Azure storage services blob storage, disk storage and archives. AWS S3 provides high availability and automatic replication across regions. Azure uses temporary storage and page blobs for VM volume.

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Azure if you are/want to continue to be a tight-knit microsoft shop (.net/outlook/forms/mssql)

AWS if you are/want to be the next-gen open-source distributed shop with pre-tested reliable components

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Both the cloud providers provide you slimier functions and features but Its depend on your application tech stack type if it is based on Microsoft .net and you require to use specific Microsoft components so you should go with Azure because it will cost you high on AWS and if it is linux based or more opensource you should considered AWS instead of Azure.   

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@Richard Hercus ​What do you like about Azure?

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