2020-05-18 12:28:00 UTC

Which ransomware is the biggest threat in 2020?

Which EPP provider does the best job at ransomware protection? Which provider is best at proactively defending against unknown threats?

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Cortex XDR de Palo Alto Networks is the best solution in the market, because it has protection methods multiples, like are Local Machine Learning/IA, Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Network Profiling, Baremetal, Exploits Protection (By technical or method, no by exploit), Kernel Protection, Behavior Anomaly Protection, etc. Best score in the Mitre att&ck Evaluation.

2020-05-18 23:02:28 UTC
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There are several good ones and it depends on budget, integrations needed, staff levels, etc. Crowdstrike Falcon is great if you can afford it. Price reflects "set it and forget it" type of EPP. No need to hire FTE to manage it and comes with 24x7x365 SOC. If you can manage, SentinelOne offers great detections and incident response capabilities (it is really an EDR). S1 has a ransomware rollback feature in case it gets through initial detections (can restore encrypted files if needed) and provides up to 1 million in ransom costs to back up their confidence. If you are a Checkpoint shop and want to leverage some of their other features (Cloudguard SaaS, Endpoint Encryption, etc.) then their Sandblast agent also offers great detections and a rollback feature of their own. Palo Alto traps is decent if you are a PAN shop but can get heavy on admin overhead. Same with Cisco AMP. We do not sell traditional A/V anymore because of polymorphic threats and zero day. Must have behavioral analytics and anomaly detection capabilities.

2020-05-18 21:50:39 UTC
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OK a real tricky answer. There are so many out there now and all seem to have one or the other upper hand on the ransomware arena. It all depends on their back end system finally - How they analyse and how fast they analyse (even if in the wild) . And most importantly how fast u can get tech support - Try out Crowdstrike, Checkpoint, Sophos, McAfee, TrendMicro. Remember this - you need to be more specific with your actual physical scenario to get a better answer. This one is very generic in purpose.

2020-05-19 06:30:37 UTC
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