Which SSD vendor offers the best SCM?

I work for an information technology company with 10,000+ employees. 

I am currently evaluating SSD solutions and am considering the following factors:

  • I have noticed that some vendors have limited scalability and can only offer 4 SCM in the controller. Which vendor will offer the best scalability?
  • SCM is developed by Samsung and Intel, what benefits do the different vendors offer in terms of storage?
  • What other improvements does SCM have compared to FlashDisc?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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I know Hewlett-Packard don´t have yet Storage Class Memory they will open this feature to the market in June 23 in las vegas because actually they don´t have MVMe end to end and IBM have the option to install 4 SCM by controller I would like to know if in another vendor have the option to install more SCM or actually only IBM offer this tecnology?.