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About 3 years ago
I would recommend also to work with a trusted reseller/VAR/MSP that has worked with multiple types of storage, tell them your goals and they can tell you some real world results they have seen and why one approach/solution might be better in their case.
Over 3 years ago
Answered a question: Is Cohesity Better Than Rubrik?
Our shop hasn’t used either one. I have heard Rubrik mentioned more than Cohesity and I would explore that option first. Better, how about they look at VMware or MS HyperV and use Veeam for software and hardware backup?
Over 3 years ago
This seems to be a generic question to someone that was looking at a particular vendor's site for info on a prospect's level of interest. What I can tell you is that Hi-Link offers fully solid state arrays along with hybrid and standard disc offerings. We prefer to…
Over 3 years ago
Full disclosure, we can sell the HPE 3PAR Flash and I haven’t run up against INFINIDAT, which would make me be more hesitant to sell that unit! We use 3PAR in our Cloud Storage and it is a very robust and secure SAN. Let me check with one of our SAN SE’s to see if I can get…
Over 3 years ago
I don’t have one on hand, but I’d recommend they go to the vendor that makes the SSD that they sell and ask them for one.
Over 3 years ago
Your question below is answered by the classic “it depends”!!?? If the shop is already a large VMware shop, then VMware vSAN might be the way to go! If s/he’s not too heavily invested in VMware, if it’s time to look at a combo hyperconverged approach of 3-4 servers with…
Over 3 years ago
I’m not the expert on latest EMC storage platforms as we also specialize in IT Infrastructure in general, but I do have a customer with the EMC VNX e3100 which is becoming end of support so we’re looking at helping them with a replacement Nutanix (pdf attached) or other…

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