Oracle EXADATA X8 and Oracle 19c IT Refreshment

7 people managed
10 month project

Project Description

The main driver for this project was an obsolescence of Database infrastructure that host Oracle Enterprise Database Solution. The main deliverables of this project are:

Acquisition of the new Database Infrastructure;
Implement the new Hardware;
Prepare Environment for Application Integration Test with new Database Driver Version on 19c;
Do a Database Migration;
Establish Business Continuity, Backup and Restore Procedure;
Do a performance Assessment and Tuning for Infrastructure and Database;
Implement Advanced Monitoring Solution with Oracle Premium Support (OASG);

The project was scheduled to start on October 2019 until March 2020, but as per COVID-19 we ran the project remotely and with half of technical staff to attend our partners on this implementation.

    Lessons Learned

    In this too expensive and risk projects we need to be able to think in every situation. As per this pandemic situation, work remotely was not a good experience as it was new constraints that I was not prepared to deal with it and this is what I would try to change the approx. But certainly, the main constraints in regarding to work with a very huge company like Oracle and the way they do the job, but definitely I would have to change my way to:

    Define the Project Team and well engage them only to the project;

    Define the Teams Scope and make sure all understand that;

    Change the Project Report Procedure;

    Provide the training in new technologies in advance before starting the project.

    But for all of them, we could achive the success based on the work as a team, doing all that we can to acomplish all the activities with sucess. Also the Managers Engagement to support the project was critical to the success.


    support from colleagues


    hard to meet schedule

    Technologies Used

    Technical Skills Used

    • Project Managment
    • Data Center Infrastructure Management
    • Agile Management
    • HR Management

    Technical Certifications Used

    • Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
    • Oracle Exadata Administration Workshop

    Interesting Documents

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