Job function
Solutions Architect
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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An ambitious, optimistic and self‐motivated business development professional with 15+ years of experience in first‐rate Management, Commercial and Technical skills field of Data Communication, Data Centers, IoT and Services Lifecycle – from solution designing & products development through Sales Pitch, Designing RFP, Designing Architecture & Solution – road towards to – Winning the projects (as / make WnW situation) of obsolete solutions.

Vast experience of designing end to end data centers, from Building infrastructure design to Data Communication / Network Infrastructure design.

As well as technology trainer and motivational speaker.

Personal & Professional Capabilities:

1. Designing Solutions
2. Project Management
3. Quality Control Audits
4. Information Security Management Systems Audits
5. ITIL Audits, Quality Control Consultancy
6. ITIL Consultancy
7. Pre-­Sales / Solution Designing
8. Quality Control Management
9. Key Account Management
10. Information Security Analysis
11. Network Analysis
12. Design end to end data center
13. Design end to end networks
14. Trainings
15. Motivational Speaker

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