Aji Joseph

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Sales Director
Tech Services Company
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10+ years
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Clouds Dubai
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Sales Director at Clouds Dubai, a leading IT Security distributor in the Middle East taking care of cybersecurity, cloud & backup requirements. We distribute Insider Threat Management Solution, Ransomware protection solution, Email Security Solution, User Activity Monitoring Solution, Multifactor Authentication, Backup & Restore, Single Sign-On & AD User Management solution in the region. We also provide IT Security services like SOC Consulting, Digital Forensics, Online Reputation Management, Cyber Threat Hunting, Incident Response, Penetration Testing, and Security Awareness Training. We work closely with channel partners in the region to promote our products & services.

The products that we distribute in the region include Ekran Systems, inDefend (Data Resolve), BackupAssist, ParaBlu, UserLock & FileAudit (IS Decisions), MiniOrange, Bluedog Security, Prophaze WAF, CionSystems, Vembu, CloudSEK, WatchTower365 & usecure,