Subject Matter Expert

network monitoring , physical and virtual server monitoring

Project Description

network monitoring , physical and virtual server monitoring, flow-based bandwidth analysis, firewall log analysis and archiving, configuration and change management, and IP address and switch port management, thereby providing all the visibility and control.

OP Manager

Network Performance Monitoring

Network Traffic Analysis

Firewall Log Management - Monitor and Analyze Firewall Logs

Network Configuration Management

IP Address Management and Switch Port Mapper

Solutions – Network Fault Management

IT Workflow Automation

Real-time network monitoring

SmartPhone GUI

Syslog Monitoring


ahead of schedule
under budget
support from colleagues

Technical Certifications Used

  • Riyadh24.687746.7219
  • Al Jubayl (SA)27.011249.6582
  • Khobar (SA)26.279450.2083
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