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11 days ago
Assuming you have an onprem ecosystem which runs the VMware, physical systems on Win, Linux and Unix and run both traditional DB's and nosql DB's like mongo, then Netbackup (NBU) will be the right tool, since it works with all cloud vendors. The added advantage is the ease…
Over 1 year ago
To be able to reach that speed of read and writes, other factors also play a role. For example, network topology, NIC speeds and the backup client speed for data delivery. Aside from that, you'll need larger files to reach that speed, since with smaller files there is…
Over 1 year ago
Samuel, Good to catch up with you here. I'd be interested in knowing what did not work on the disaster recovery testing. We are successfully using it for a client to fully (Baremetal) restore is AD environment. Let's talk offline.



11 days ago
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