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About 3 years ago
Both solutions from the same weight category. You should clarify details about your application (language, async call ()yes/now), microservices (yes/no) and etc) and which problems do you want to solve. You should know one important constraint - NewRelic provide only SaaS…
Over 4 years ago
Hi Abdullah! Could clarify few valuable metrics for Drupal which you're measuring with NewRelic? Thank you
Over 4 years ago
By the way, in 2016 Quest was got off from Gartner APM Magic Quadrant
Almost 5 years ago
We are waiting for ability to add private locatons feature for Appdynamics synthetic. Now, Appdynamics cannot check internal web resources behind firewall
About 5 years ago
Hi Jose Could you tell, what application you're monitoring (Java, .NET, etc) and how many nodes do you have? (if it's Java, it's JVMs)