International cargo and passenger movement tracking

Project Description

International cargo and passenger movement tracking project. Replaced legacy midframe COBOL applications with a distributed, client-server, visual/GUI based system for manifesting and tracking all cargo and passenger movement globally for the US Department of Defense. Also replaced dedicated serial connections, dumb terminals with then state-of-the-art (1992-1995) LAN/WAN supporting a client-server architecture based at aerial ports and remote/deployed locations globally. System provided near-real-time intransit visibility for passenger and cargo movement.

Lessons Learned

Ensure PM had both authority to accomplish tasks and the responsibility to do so (matrixed project, but authority to direct/correct/task was retained by leaders in departments matrixed). Senior leadership support to control user requirements changes. Separate teams to develop new system and maintain/support legacy applications.


ahead of schedule
received a promotion
support from colleagues


large no. of people impacted
hard to meet schedule
long-delayed project
constant user changes

Technologies Used

  • Belleville (IL-US)38.5201-89.984
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