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18 days ago
One should 1st have details understanding of what he/she is looking to protect within environment as tool are specially designed for point solution. Single tool will not able to secure complete environment and you should not procure any solution without performing POC within…
About 2 months ago
If I am not wrong base box 40f comes with 5GB throughput and also cost should be around 40k INR least price.
About 2 months ago
Check Fortinet. It provides faster l3 processing. Also with NGFW firewall you can get SDWAN features as well.
6 months ago
It depends on your organisation requirements the kind of workload you want to protect  1) Prisma provide container security using TWISTLOCK it even provide micro segmentation and forensics but currently it does not support PCF for most of the features  2) AQUASEC provide…
6 months ago
Need to have some options for configuring firewall policy based on Zone. As it allows creating Flat policy and explicit deny policy need to be created in case some policy need to be drop For e.g You are having 4 Zone (LAN/DMZ1/DMZ2/INTERNET) Now you want 1 machine to have…
6 months ago
Centralised dashboard for all checkpoints gateway with options of copying policy from 1 gateway to another  Providing control at single point for enabling different module for NGFW e.g. IPS/SSL/Web Filtering