Benjamin Galatzer Levy

Job function
Lead Automation Engineer
Company size
51-200 Employees
Health, Wellness And Fitness Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since Jun 2017, Benjamin Galatzer Levy's postings have been viewed 60 times on IT Central Station.

I am an Automation Engineer at Higi in the evenings I take classes part-time towards an MS in Computer Science at Loyola Chicago.

At Loyola my focus is broad and theoretical, but I am particularly interested in data science, software development, web services, data analysis/architecture and software as a service.

My background prior to 2013 is in academic philosophy, which I taught and studied professionally for several years before moving into computer science. As a philosopher, my twin foci were logic and continental philosophy; both of which have informed and significantly enhanced my study and understanding of computer science and software development.

I am interested in both professional and volunteer opportunities, as a student I am eager to collaborate with more sophisticated programmers and developers of all stripes and to contribute my time to non-profit projects where I can gain experience in web and software development.

Exceptionally detail oriented (many people say it, I mean it.)

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