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Over 4 years ago
Hi, Don't have experience with cylance. RSA ecat and Palo Alto Traps can run with symantec. One is behavior based, other is signature.
About 5 years ago
Did you try the 9.7 version? CyberArk changed the HA configuration for windows server 2012 R2, and they use their proprietary Secured Cluster Vault. With this version MS Cluster will not be supported with Windows 2012. They will keep the old clustering system only for…
About 6 years ago
When you want to evaluate an APM Solution in my option the most important aspect is 1) What are my organization needs and if that solution partialy complies to the needs. If we know for what we need the APM Solution we go for the other things: 2) Monitor End-to-end…

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After an experience of 7 years in the IT gaming field, the next period was filled with a lot of new informations and oportunities of developement.
Working for a leading system integrator and provider of IT services, has many advantages as access to new technologies, and the ability to learn new things and be updated with the technologies development.
I have experience as infrastructure auditor,Enterprise vulnerability management, training, clustering, discovery and monitoring, compliance audit, ISMS audit (ISO 27001), and IT Security Specialist with multiple vendor software.

- BMC Consultant for BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping(ADDM)
- BMC Consultant for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite(BPPM)
- BMC Consultant for BMC Transaction Management Application Response Time(TM-ART)
- Vulnerability management Consultant – Qualys Guard, Nexpose , Nessus
- Fraud Management - Intellinx,ObserveIT, Symantec DLP, McAfee DLP
- Secure File Exchange - CyberArk
- Privileged Identity Management - CyberArk
- Privileged Session Manager (PSM) - CyberArk
- Mobile Device Management - Airwatch, MobileIron