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Almost 3 years ago
I have been able to provide data over images using Custom Controls and JavaScript. Also using D3 and JavaScript/JSON for custom charting in Cognos Analytics.
About 3 years ago
There are many good BI tools available: IBM Cognos Analytics, SAP Business Objects, MS Power BI, Tabloux, ClikView, etc. Cognos Analytics does the following requirements well: - Dynamic Emailing (Users will only receive their own data from a report) - Report Scheduler:…
Almost 4 years ago
I found Cognos Analytics 11 to be the easiest version I've every installed. Though only on Windows Servers so far, my team mate has done it on RedHat Linux and also said it was fast and straight forward. I installed 11.0.4 to run concurrent with 10.2.2 on the same server and…
Almost 4 years ago
JavaScript support has advanced significantly over earlier versions with the use of Custom Controls.
Almost 5 years ago
I have been told that the version of Cognos Analytics to be released in Q4 this year includes some really good new features including RAVE2 (D3) charts and a map engine (NOT like Map Manager). Also full support for FWM packages across the components (current only Reports…
Almost 5 years ago
Answered a question: Camunda or Bonitasoft?
I have no experience with BPM per se. I have been involved with a component of the IBM BPM tool suite called Stewardship Center. This was a great tool for developing highly effective and customised workflow solutions. In my project's case it was used to create workflow…
Over 5 years ago
Re DataStage, TM1, and ICM: DataStage is a flexible,fast, and large scale ETL tool. The way is it designed to use modules for specific ETL tasks and the linking together of these modules makes it more future proof than Data Manager. DataStage can be used for virtually any…
Over 5 years ago
Joop, I agree with you on the interdependence of BI and ETL. I would also propose that the data model is an equal partner in this mix. Business Intelligence has come a long way since it was called Decision Support Systems (DSS) last century. It was once though of as the…
Almost 6 years ago
I think it's important to note that this forum is for Business Intelligence tools and solutions. "Cognos" is an IBM brand that embraces many tool sets that may or may not embrace BI. Cognos DataManager is NOT a BI tool but rather an ETL tool. It was developed by Cognos…

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I love data. I love to categorise it, manipulate it, study it, and share it. Data Warehousing is how I satisfy this love and Business Intelligence is how I show it to others. Any type of data - music, words, pictures, numbers, ...

Specialties: Data modeling, data architecture, ETL, Cognos BI tools, master data, team leading, Sql Server, Oracle DBMS.

I can legally work in the US, EU, and Australasia.

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