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Over 3 years ago
Make sure that the admin knows that the Sophos is somewhat underpowered for full use of the security subscription. IPS is a resource hog as is AV. Basically, the CPU is too underpowered to accommodate high-speed connections. I can run all subscriptions on a 100 Mbps…
Almost 4 years ago
This is really more of a strategic question than a technology one. Would you rather manage that yourself (physical appliance) or have someone else do it (cloud)? Will your environment be complicated (lots of power apps, constant bandwidth requirements, security)? How…
About 4 years ago
In my experience, the more resources the Sophos has, the better. I’ve only used the SG 105 and SG 115, but the 115 has double the memory and a faster CPU and you can definitely tell. I would go for the newest CPU and/or most cores possible, and as much memory as makes…
Over 5 years ago
I prefer that companies make claims like this, because then I know not to buy their products! However, when I see a competitor take the time to create a response, I can go either way. I understand the battle for market share is intense and that you are mostly appealing to…
Almost 6 years ago
1. How the gateway addresses the specific needs of its deployment. 2. The level and nature of update support provided by the mfg.


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Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)