Brie Bernstein

Job function
Enterprise Business Development
Company size
201-500 Employees
Tech Vendor
Years of experience
2-5 years
Most Recent Comments

At Looker we're on a mission to help companies of all sizes access, investigate, and fundamentally understand their data. We bring data teams and business teams together with a product that can fundamentally change how the business is run. Great companies like Warby Parker, Coursera, Yahoo!, and Venmo have transformed into data-driven cultures with Looker as the catalyst.

My role at Looker is that of an evangelist and technology advisor. I seek out data-driven professionals to learn about what people are looking for in their ideal analytics and BI stack and explore how Looker can help. If you'd like to learn more about Looker and the power of our modeling language, LookML, check out the PDF below.

Feel free to reach out by InMail or Email (, I’m happy to chat!

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