Bruno Lavit

Job function
Release Engineer
Company size
201-500 Employees
Tech Vendor
Years of experience
10+ years
Since Oct 2017, Bruno Lavit's postings have been viewed 203 times on IT Central Station.

Current position: release engineer at Forgerock (since July 2014)

My job is to manage all the release engineering subjects (Artifactory, Jenkins, release management, tooling, ...).

I implemented some tools (like FOSSology) to scan our code and track the open source license.

My main project for 2015 is to manage the migration from SVN to Git (we choosed Atlassian Stash to host our Git repositories).


Previous position at Moodys.

Software engineer during 2 years on the Basel II product.

Next, I've worked one year on the regulatory reporting module.

Since 2007, I lead the build & deploy team (3 engineers).

My job was to manage all the Continuous Integration subjects for Moody's Analytics:
- Build automation with Jenkins, Ant, Perl, Python
- Provides metrics and improve code quality (with CodeCoverage, ClearSQL, ...)
- P4 server management
- Build and deliver versions and hotfixes to customers
- My team also manage data content (we create packages with all the relevant parameters for a regulation and a calculation engine, and this package is built and sent to customers through

I also managed project like:
- Migration from SVN to P4 (8 months)
- Move to Artifactory to store our binaries and manage our dependencies (in progress)

My latest role was to coordinate the build & release process for all the Moody's R&D sites (San Francisco, Grenoble, Singapore and Shenzhen).

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