Carter Allen

Job function
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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Since May 2017, Carter Allen's postings have been viewed 195 times on IT Central Station.

Successful team-oriented full life-cycle lead developer of mission-critical information systems using both traditional and object-oriented approaches. Veteran designer, developer, tester and documentor of high-volume back-office systems in the private sector. Experienced developer of relational databases. Effective integrator of commercial and custom software. Rapid assimilator of new concepts, platforms, technologies and tools. Effective communicator of new methods and technologies.

Specialties: Software development in Java, SQL , C, C++, Basic, Cobol and Fortran. Microsoft platforms including SQL Server. Websphere, Struts, JPA, JSP

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Big data
Developed a system to 100% audit a telecommunications

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