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Or you could just sell Kumolus which is the product your company sells and stop disparaging the competition. Really! We have done multiple large scale deployments across Public and Private cloud delivered on time and on budget for brownfields and greenfields,
About 4 years ago
Answered a question: Scalr vs BMC CLM
While I would rate Scalr over BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management - our research strongly recommends RightScale over the above choices.
About 4 years ago
I can't believe RightScale is not on this list and question your "aggregated review data". Longer term we all need to consider containers and server-less orchestration.



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Cloud Management


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Cloud Management

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Information Technology has been a calling since my first IBM Personal Computer in 1981 to the Olympics in Sydney where IT had to delivered on time all the time.

In 1998 I founded Offis with a vision to build a secure Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure and Managed Services (aka Cloud) for companies who include the likes of: IBM, RSA,Vodafone, Macquarie Bank, Secure Parking, OzForex, Viewpoint(US), Foodstuffs (NZ), WCPenfolds, TABCorp and McDonalds.

Since then my goal has been to keep up with technology as it changes the paradigm's for businesses and people alike. I believe the power of computers will surpass the capacities of the human brain by 2017 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become the norm by 2025. =Google

Specialties include: Cloud Services for most Public Cloud Providers, Managed & Professional Services, IaaS, PaaS, Artifical Intelligence and lastly and the most importantantly SECURITY.

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