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Over 1 year ago
Performance followed then by ease of management. You want to choose the best option that you can afford, for the main goal of getting your users on and off the WiFi and as quickly as possible.
Over 1 year ago
Such an easy way to manage a wireless network. We use Bonjour Gateway with Apple TVs, seems to work well.
Almost 2 years ago
There are some differences for sure, based on our usage and my knowledge of using both systems here are the main takeaways versus the other: Ruckus - - Easier to manage - Usually, a higher client count is supported per AP - Cheaper - Support is more responsive -…
About 2 years ago
Glad to hear that, we still have a few sites using Aruba, but I've been put on another vendors product going forward.
Almost 3 years ago
Updated product (or one that continues to get regular updates), ease of use, and aesthetically pleasing.
About 3 years ago
We looked at a plethora of products for our HCI implementation, and Nutanix won the business. Hands down it's the best in the HCI space. Not only the undisputed leader but the support thus far has been great! You know the old verbiage "nobody gets fired for buying…
About 3 years ago
What were the major advantages and disadvantages that you have seen versus Veeam?
About 3 years ago
The potential disruption for the end-user(s). The following are my most important aspects to endpoint protection, with end-users in mind: - Solution is/feels lightweight (doesn't take up machine resources) - Don't inundate the users with alerts, pop-ups, or unneeded…
Almost 4 years ago
Below would be my top three important aspects: - Ease of use - Continually evolving to meet new standards - Good product documentation
About 4 years ago
Historical data, trends, and up time. Understanding the metrics involved, especially in network monitoring will lead to a better forecast of improvements.


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