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About 5 years ago
Please remember that multiple snapshots can be detrimental to your VMs over time. You need to keep them to a low count and consolidate as needed.
Over 5 years ago
Greetings, everyone. Dan here. I have been working with computers/electronics since mid-80's. I deal with Virtualization, Microsoft infrastructure, and Citrix technologies on a daily basis. I love to improve people's ability to be productive with systems that are at…
About 6 years ago
I have had a great experience with Citrix products since 2000. XenApp can be configured to provide a standard desktop environment for your students that will recycle once they log off. So you can keep your licensing down to the number of students that would be logged on at…
About 7 years ago
Adding to Howard's points, you can virtualize NetScaler as well. It is now replacing Cisco's Load Balancing line of products. Citrix XenServer also allows for users to build their own Cloud. As with Rakesh's comments, Citrix can provide some of same benefits. 1.…
About 7 years ago
@CTSanders I am not sure what you mean by the VDI feature set for XenServer as VDI is controlled by XenDesktop. I am also speaking about Production and not a home grown lab. 20 hosts running XenServer 6.2 with the free license key and I am able to move VMs/Storage…
About 7 years ago
VMWare is the grandfather of virtualization. Everyone has tried everything with it. It is a mature platform. I have to disagree with Jagdish, you still need to patch VMWare but there is an automated way of completing that chore. The only con I have seen with VMWare, is…
Over 7 years ago
Citrix XenServer 6.2 is freely available at; and it does not require a monthly fee unless you want to purchase commercial support and then it is a yearly support cost. The current features are equal to the previous Platinum level of licensing. It…

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