Aspen eBRS, AspenONE

5000 people affected
12 people managed
60 month project

Project Description

Aspen eBRS major releases (v4, v5, v6, 2004,2006)

Include some interesting features :

- ANSI/ISA S88 Model
- PFC S88 recipe editor and execution monitoring
- Master, Control Recipe
- ANSI/ISA S95 Model: integration with ODM
- Recipe Template Library (Export import)
- Integration with Batch21 and IP21
- Integration using WebMethods and TIBCO
- Integration in Operations Cockpit (execution available thru Web)
- API exposed using Webservices

Integration with other products in the Aspen Manufacturing Suite (Batch21, IP21)

Service Packs and Engineering Releases (3rd Level of Support)

Include in release cycle with Aspen Manufacturing Suite and AspenONE rebranding.


support from colleagues

Technical Skills Used

  • Integration
  • Brussels (BRU-BE)50.85044.34878
  • Seattle (WA-US)47.6062-122.332
  • Barcelona (ES)41.38882.15899
  • Houston (TX-US)29.7633-95.3633
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