David Burton

Job function
Senior Consultant
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years

Redrock I.T. – Where Passion for IT Meets Care for People.

I wasn’t always an IT expert. Long before I started in the IT industry, I was an engineer. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering at Utah State University, and an MBA from Westminster College.

About 20 years ago, while working as a project engineer for a local engineering firm, I was assigned to design, install, and manage the company’s computer network. After I got the computer network up and running, the company offered me the chance to become a lead project manager, but I turned them down and handed in my two-week notice instead.

Sounds crazy, right? But I had realized that IT was my true passion, not engineering.
I founded nXs Technology in 1993, a managed service provider based in Sandy, Utah. After a couple decades of success on its own, nXs Technology merged with 512k, another Utah MSP, to form Redrock I.T. in 2013.

Standing at the lead of Redrock to help our clients is the best experience I could hope for, and my background in engineering has been invaluable in my leadership style. I learned problem-solving as an engineer, and I take those lessons to heart when helping my clients with their technology.
My team doesn’t just fix tech problems when they pop up – they have the experience and resources to improve your tech infrastructure, providing you with a secure, reliable network and a strong backup solution that will keep you running with minimal downtime even if your on-site equipment is physically damaged or a web-borne threat strikes your servers.

I make sure that our focus is always on the people that use IT, rather than the machines themselves. Ready to see what a proactive, human-based approach can do for your business? Call me at (385) 722-3135 and let’s talk about our future together.

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