Reducted AWS Infrastructure Cost by 85%

20 people affected
3 people managed
16 month project

Project Description

DERMPRO is a hosted e-commerce and marketing platform designed specifically for the aesthetics services industry.

The client’s eCommerce system was based on a complex cumbersome infrastructure, which required plenty of time and resources to support. They were looking for a reliable DevOps consultant, who would help them set up a much more efficient process.

Achieved results:

  • Decreased infrastructure cost by 85%.
  • Increased build speed by 60%.
  • Automated provision and deployment for new client shops: the provisioning of a new shop now takes 2 hours instead of a few days.
  • Improved the audit and monitoring process - integrated centralized logging and monitoring of AWS infrastructure, Kubernetes clusters, and business metrics from the client's applications.
  • Provided automation for critical operations, such as database backups.
  • Simplified infrastructure management, provisioning, and improved disaster recovery.

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ahead of schedule
under budget
received a promotion
support from colleagues


steep learning curve
large no. of people impacted
hard to meet schedule

Technical Skills Used

  • AWS Infrastructure Design
  • DevOps consulting
  • Kubernetes & Docker Adoption
  • AWS Infrastructure Cost Reduction
  • E-Commerce platform development
  • Monitoring System Integration
  • Logging System Integration
  • CI/CD Implementation

Technical Certifications Used

  • AWS Solution Architect - Associate
  • HashiCorp Certified - Terraform Associate

Interesting Documents

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