Eric Burke

Job function
VP, Technology
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years

Network Architect / Business Owner with 28 years of overall experience integrating (in order of involvement), 3Com 3Share/3+ Open, Banyan Vines, Novell Netware '86 (through NetWare 5.x), Windows (all versions from 1.0 to Server 2016). Have been providing consulting and engineering services for organizations of all sizes, from the smallest "mom and pop shops" to the "Fortune 50". Have been a leading member of industry-award-winning teams developing solutions for companies such as "Ernst & Young". Currently the co-owner of Exigent Technologies - a technology consulting firm focused on the delivery of managed services to SME's.

Specialties: Business Owner, Contracts Management, Project Management, System Architecture (Network, Server, Application), Network Security, Network Routing and Switching, Application Integration, Operating Systems, Enterprise Email.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
The development of a cloud IaaS platform which

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