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Almost 4 years ago
You have an IBM stack, you might start by looking at the IBM tools. Our IBM UrbanCode Build and IBM UrbanCode Deploy tools integrate with ClearCase and very deeply with WebSphere. I lead product management for these tools. Our WebSphere capabilities not only support…
Almost 4 years ago
Statements above regarding UrbanCode Build are incorrect, it is general purpose not websphere specific. I'm a product manager at UrbanCode and have been in the CI space the past 14 years with commits on both open source and commercial tools there. I'll try to be balanced…
Over 4 years ago
Integration with Nexus has shipped. Hope it helps!
Over 4 years ago
Thanks for the review! I'm glad you found custom plugin development easy! We'd love to have you join our open plugin development community.
Almost 5 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. Would love to know what plugins you are looking for. And for dynamically setting values during a process, look at capturing dynamic values as the output properties of one step and referring to them from another. That's a "chalk board" you can write…
About 6 years ago
Curious what version you are on at time of review. I know there were substantial improvements in the Import/Export capabilities in June '14.

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Evangelist and Lead Consultant at Urbancode. Leaving university, I thought I'd be a developer happily knocking out code but was always drawn to tech support. That lead to consulting, speaking and all things at the intersection of technology and business. I'm passionate about making IT better whether by fostering healthier cultures and better tools.

Specialties: DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Build and Release management. SDLC.