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Almost 2 years ago
Using Intel network cards 520 and 540, I have not tested any 550 yet. Proxmox gets the best performance, but not by much, XEN and VMware get really close, I do not think it can be the "deciding" factor. With Broadcom network cards the result changes a lot. In this case…
Over 2 years ago
Well, this is one of those "Oranges and Apples" scenario . KVM are a very mature and very flexible solution, Enterprise ready . Oracle Virtualbox is an interesting solution for occasional and development use, not enterprise ready in any way . If I have to choose…
Over 3 years ago
My 5 cents : Go with Proxmox . It is NOT just a wrapper for KVM, it has a lot of features that are not present in plain KVM . It is extremely easy to set it up, you can have a 16 node cluster up and running in a single day of work ! Everything you need to manage your…
Over 3 years ago
I have read a lot of valid arguments, and, unfortunately a lot of flawed arguments too . What I will write here is based on my personal experience , I run a half dozen Enterprise level vitualized environments : For the perspective of most of my customers, the main…
Over 5 years ago
I can endorse everything in this review . I am an user of Proxmox for about the same time, since the 1.6 version . It is been improving in every new version to become a real contender in virtualization market . Rock solid stability, flexible and feature rich .
About 6 years ago
Contributed a review of KVM: Review about KVM
About 6 years ago
The Version 3.4 solved the Storage limitation, implemented full ipV6 support, and systemwide firewall deployment . The vSwitch comes with 4.0 ( in 09/16/2015 in RC state ) . 4.0 version will make several UI simplifications, plus a new HA implementation that do not require…
About 6 years ago
I am sorry your experience have not been what you expected . I use KVM in production environment for over 4 years now, with no issues . What you need is a REAL Linux distro ( Like Debian ) and a good web interface ( I use Proxmox ) . If you have time, try it .
Over 6 years ago
There are no single feature that can me choose one and not another ... The balance within some os the fuctionality can make all the difference ! Intuitivness, scalabillity and remote accessibility, at least for my use personal use, are most important, plus price ! If the…
About 7 years ago
I believe this bond "issue" was a design choice . There are a forum where you can address any technical question to developers :
About 7 years ago
In the VDI front, it have SPICE fully implemented and it is working, but, as you must know, SPICE for Windows and MAC still in development, so it is not a real VDI option yet . Openflow are in development state, partialy implemented, but there are no way to set it up in the…
Over 7 years ago
I am not an expert in switches, this is just the result of my personal professional mileage: It depends in what the size and needs for expandability and flexibility of your IT infrastructure . Generally, I see Cisco has more flexibility . But in the 10GB over copper…