Firoze Bhorat

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Senior Environments Engineer - Virtualised Environments at Derivco
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501-1,000 Employees
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10+ years
Since May 2015,
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Started my career at Derivco doing Server patch and banking testing but quickly moved to Test/Dev environment management.

Moved to a newly formed virtualisation team that provides the test/dev environments to the entire organisation (multi site and multi continent deployments).

Initially we utilised VMware Labmanager but have moved to the VMware vCloud offering.

I enjoy a very a dynamic position that involves troubleshooting anything from 3 tiered applications, database tuning, database schema investigation, bespoke software troubleshooting, IIS configuration and management, Esxi configuration and management as well as vCloud configuration and troubleshooting.

I am blessed in that I get to work with world class hardware (UCS, HP, Pure Storage, Tintri, HP, 3PAR) and develop world class solution for truly global test and dev systems delivery.