Franco Mancini

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If you’re a CIO, or IT Executive, or responsible for providing your customers with an exceptional customer experience, then it’s likely you’re concerned about the increasing need to protect your brand reputation and innovate to deliver a leading customer experience.

Or, maybe you are challenged by the huge shift of business services to the mobile platform and the impact that it’s having on the need for delivering new applications at such a rapid pace, whilst still maintaining quality and performance of these new services.

Or, perhaps you are in IT Operations and you are simply struggling with "keeping the lights on", and have a need to address the ever present challenge of running an operation at an increased capacity whilst reducing Opex costs year on year.

You also may be in the early stages of planning to move your business services to the cloud, or a consolidation program.

For the past 15 years, I have worked closely with Australian-based CIOs, Line of Business Executives and Architects on IT Transformation and Application Modernisation projects. I help my clients improve customer experience by enhancing business service reliability, supported by an optimised IT Operations.

I work for CA Technologies who helps companies simplify and solve their most challenging IT problems in order to accelerate innovation. CA works with clients to provide solutions to efficiently manage IT Infrastructure, Cloud Security and Business Applications. Our goal is to provide business service innovation, in the same way a utility supplies electricity.

So if you’re interested in discovering the latest innovations and solutions around Application Performance Management, DevOps, Data Centre Management, Enterprise Mobile Management, Software Analytics, Infrastructure Management, IT Operations Management, APM Best Practices, Capacity Management and Server and Network Monitoring, please contact me via phone (+61 3 9944 6537), email ( or send me a free InMail.