Gadi Ben Avi

Job function
z/OS system Programmer
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since Jan 2017, Gadi Ben Avi's postings have been viewed 34 times on IT Central Station.
Reviews, Articles & Questions

I've been an MVS, OS/390, z/OS system programmer since 1993. Since I work in a relatively small site, I've become familiar with most aspects of z/OS system work including:
Installing z/OS using serverpac
Installing IBM products using CBPDO
Installing ISV software
Maintaining IBM and ISV software
Techinical support
Hardware configruation
Performance monitoring
Capacity Planning

Specialties: z/OS

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Installed new versions of z/OS.

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