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About 3 years ago
I am not sure if this question comes from a vendor or customer so the response is somewhat generic. If you are the technical customer or end user, try to be involved in the process start to end. If possible, be the hands on the keyboard. No better way to understand the…
Over 3 years ago
I am a former employee of Commvault (2003-2015) and prior to that Veritas. If the choice were just these two products, I'd go Commvault. Commvault is a very integrated product built many years after Veritas NetBackup. It scales pretty much infinitely. Best…

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I am a practiced data management professional that has been successful in working with solutions from conception through professional services. I have wide-ranging knowledge and expertise working with information technology and enterprise software solutions. I embrace new challenges and thrive in an environment that presents a variety of responsibilities that are in new, growing, and/or expanding companies and in companies moving into emerging markets.

I have considerable international business experience supporting direct, distribution, and reseller channels in over 60 countries. I resided in Spain as a permanent resident and business owner (SixteenWest Associates, S.L.) while working for CommVault EMEA as a full-time contractor from 2006 to 2015. Most but not all of my time was focused on emerging markets in E. Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. I returned to the USA in 2015.

Based in Phoenix Arizona