Greg O'Connor

70 Points1 Year
Job function
Advanced analytics and IOT Account Manager
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Tech Vendor
Years of experience
2-5 years

Vertica Nov 17- Present
By leveraging our Vertica system, helped a large Company migrate off of an expensive appliance which was coming EOL. Our POC showed over 500% improved performance in returning speed queries, (8hrs to 30mins). We also beat a number of vendors with performance, little impact on the system and our huge compression rates (50-90%). Our nearest competitor couldn't reach our bench marks with even with double the HW. The best thing for this customer was that with improved performance with a system that can infinitely scale, was still able to reduce initial TCO by almost 55% and reduced annual maintenance by 60%

Helped Case management company using a transactional database which was not suitable to meet analytical needs move to a Vertica system, deployed in AWS and integrated with Tableau. Vertica enabled them to easily bring in data from many disparate systems to get actionable insights in real time.

Helped a large privately owned insurance company with our Vertica System. They had nearly completed a new adjudication platform and needed a system to provide real time results once the new platform started to generate data. After a very quick mini POC where they used our Community Edition download, they decided Vertica was the perfect fit.

Worked with a customer who provided insights to a number of banking customers. Compliance and security is Paramount. His current solution was no longer performing as his company was scaling. Also he understood the power machine learning would have for his business. After a 3 week POC we were able to show how Vertica could handle huge data sets in real time. He was impressed with been able to run machine algorithms without the need of a Data science team and was able to utilize his own SQL skills.