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Gregg Woodcock is a gun-toting, Christian, homeschooling father of three whose 25+ years of IT experience (primarily in Telecom) and early adoption of Splunk (v3) has positioned him on the leading edge of the Big Data explosion and uniquely qualified him to launch "Splunxter", a recently-formed, Splunk-focused professional services and contracting company headquartered in the Dallas area. He is the founder and chairman of the Dallas-area Splunk User Group, a two-time speaker at "Splunk Live!", a twice-invited speaker for LTE North America, an Instructor with Global Big Data Boot Camps, occasional street-preacher, and the current Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas. He is a genuine evangelist of all the best things in life and that of course includes Splunk!

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
We have built Splunk-based SIEMs from the ground up