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About 4 years ago
Tableau's automatic "Data Interpreter" and its "Show Me" feature that creates an automatic sample from a wide menu of visual charts, based on the data at hand, are two of its most valuable and time saving features.
Almost 6 years ago
While development of dashboards may take a bit longer than other solutions QlikView is very intuitive to regular users who need to explore the data in a true interactive analytical fashion .
About 7 years ago

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Business Intelligence: Raw Data or Strategic Analytics'

There is a big difference between corporate information and Strategic Knowledge. Corporate Information usually consists of internal raw data while Strategic Knowledge is the business wisdom necessary to achieve profitable growth consistently.

Although internal data is necessary to manage logistic or tactical areas like, supply chain, manufacturing, accounts receivable, transportation, accounts payable or customer service; it’s far from enough to perform marketing and sales management jobs effectively, namely increase market share, revenue and ultimately net profit.

Unfortunately, most Business Intelligence implementations populate sophisticated BI software with just internal raw data from the ERP. The problem is that this doesn’t provide the immediate strategic analysis and direction necessary to grow the businesses. As a result, Marketing and Sales teams often struggle to find the information they need to increase profitability.

Business Intelligence is much more than software. Business Intelligence should be a reliable, analytical process that transforms raw data into relevant, accurate and useable strategic knowledge.

Strategic Knowledge is the result of the seamless integration of internal transaction data with external market intelligence.

Strat-Wise effectively uses BI software to integrate your enterprise data with your market intelligence and execute this analytical process fast and effectively so your strategic teams can focus on growing your business.

Our Strategic Analysis Toolbox™ generates the knowledge the commercial folks need to support the customer value creation process, differentiate your product-service solutions and increase market share, revenue and profit.

You can test your organization's Strategic Knowledge I.Q. at