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About 1 month ago
Hi, This really gets to two things: - how fast your internet access is and how much are you planning to grow in the next few years?  - are you planning to do the TLS inspection? Do proper sizing with partners. Pay attention to XGS2100 which is a new platform by Sophos.…
3 months ago
Hi, what do you expect from AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do :-)? In IT there are many 2 o 3 letter "words" and they are often referring to something already probably deployed somewhere in some form.  As far as AI, most of the vendors are driving to same direction. To…
3 months ago
This depends on many factors like size of organization, how organization is geo-spread, type of NGFW and Proxy you are looking at or you have. And where proxy is deployed, onprem or cloud? With cloud you have additional options and companies like Zscaler and Netskope started…
About 1 year ago
Netscope, Zscaler if they continue route they are on now. FIrewalls needs great deal of automation on each end, datacenter and endpoint. In between you have branch office. So blending EPP and firewall on enduser machine + blending branch office with datacenter firewall will…
Over 2 years ago
What is the biggest difference between Sophos UTM and Sophos XG? UTM will die and XG will live. Which of these two solutions would you recommend to a colleague evaluating firewalls and why? XG. SG is obsolete solution. No more development as it is on XG.

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