Job function
Independent Test Automation Professional
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Consulting Company
Years of experience
5-10 years
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I help organizations improve their testing efforts through smart application of test tools.

I have around 10 years of experience in the test automation field and have designed and implemented test automation solutions in Java and C# for a wide range of clients. I make sure that automated tests are fast, reliable and easy to maintain in order to deliver maximum value to my clients.

Tools I have used include Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber / SpecFlow, Parasoft SOAtest, REST Assured and SoapUI.

I also have expertise in the field of service virtualization, having designed and implemented virtualized test environments using Parasoft Virtualize for two clients.

Next to working with test automation and service virtualization tools hands on, I like to spread my experience by delivering presentations, workshops and courses to my clients and at conferences.